Project J.M.W. Turner

The fascinating eye of the storm that does not let you look away. You can only observe how the sky takes in the sea, and the water takes in the sky. And then, the golden touch of sun appears, an illusion of land, of a solid point on the surface. Once again, the mass rolls over, and the fleeting spectacle is gone. Perhaps that image is just the iris without a pupil. You blink, and the dancing light will enter you once and forever.

Pic 05 Truskova

In his paintings, Turner captured both the wild countryside and urban landscapes, events from the early days of the Industrial Revolution, but also unrest in the world… Our generation finds itself in the middle of turbulent development – We observe changes in weather, mild winters, more frequent tornadoes, violent storms, and floods. On the other hand, there are droughts, rivers drying out, melting glaciers, rainforests are being cut and burnt down… Where is our horizon of events? With my picture, I venerate nature that we are so often indifferent to, but which is beyond us, outside of us, it can destroy us, and we will bow to it in awe.